Can I join Firmoo+?

Any Firmoo member qualifies for joining Firmoo+ . Any suggestions/advice about eyewear styling are welcomed here.

How to Join Firmoo+?

Register as Firmoo member, and then you'll qualify for joining Firmoo+.

Are there any restrictions on the photos to be uploaded?

Firmoo+ is related to eyewear fashion, so you must be wearing eyewear in the photo(s) that you're going to upload, any brand is allowed. As for the image size please refer to the instruction while uploading.

How can I join if I don't wear glasses?

What Firmoo+ emphasizes on is eyewear styling, not eyewear itself, so even if people with perfect vision can join this community. Actually, many users here do not wear glasses. You can wear frame only or plano (non-prescription) glasses or even sunglasses; besides Firmoo offers all new customers a chance to get their first pair of glasses free. (Pay shipping only. Click here for the details)

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