Community Rules & Rights


1.- The cover picture should show clearly what you are wearing, the complete outfit. From head to toe, or at least most of it! You can show the details of your outfit by uploading additional pictures

2.- Firmoo+ is related to eyewear fashion, so you must be wearing eyewear in the photo(s) that you're going to upload, any brand is allowed. As for the image size please refer to the instruction while uploading.

3. Do not include two persons in one picture and the person in the picture should be yourself.

4.- The picture should be of good quality.

5.- Upload each look only once, no repeats!

6.- No spam. No photos of children. No nudity. No photoshop. No pajamas, no lingerie.

Each newly uploaded picture, before approved, won't show to others and can only be previewed by yourself. Pictures that don't follow the rules won't be approved.


At Firmoo+ you have the rights to:

1. give your advice about eyewear fashion outfits to others;

2. share your eyewear fashion outfits experience with other fashion lovers;

3. enjoy a positive environment on Firmoo+ , and not receive negative or derogatory comments on your looks;

4. edit your profile whenever you want;

5. like/vote any looks you like as well as add them to your favorites, for registered member only; and

6. save your own photos to your album.

We'll make all possible efforts to make sure all your rights are respected. Please notify us if you feel that any of these rights are not being respected.

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